Children's Audi R8 Style White

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An exclusive children's car Audi R8. This super sporty Audi is manufactured under license of Audi. This child car comes with a 12-volt battery and two motors. This drives the R8 to 4 km per hour. Furthermore, the Audi R8 has an FM radio, MP3 input, dash lights and more. Unique: the Audi R8, unlike all other models, does not drive in a 'shock' right to full speed, but the speed builds up slowly. Quality: there may be some sweeps, dots or scratches visible on the cars, inflicted during the production process. It is pretty common and applies to all children’s toys battery cars. Especially black is a color where you can see every pollution.

More information

  • 2x motors, drive on two rear wheels
  • Shift lever for forward and reverse
  • FM radio
  • MP3 input
  • Horn and music buttons
  • Audi LED strip lights while driving
  • Dashboard lights
  • Display battery level
  • Seat with "leatherette" upholstery
  • Electronic brake
  • 3 point harness
  • Remote control with 4 frequencies
  • Driving by using gas pedal or control with a remote control by parents